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Underage DUI Laws In New York

Under the DUI law of the state of New York any person driving the vehicle who is below 21 years of age, is convicted under DUI offence if he tests positive for any amount of alcohol content in the body. The penalties so following are also severe so as to curb the growing underage intoxicated driving.


Under New York DUI penalties

• Underage DUI:
Loss of license for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
Refusing a BAC test results in loss of license for 1 year.
Fine levied upto $125
Termination fee for suspension of license is $100.
Under the New York DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles Act) penalties

  • Underage DUI:
    A civil penalty of $125 is levied.
    Fee for termination of suspension is $100
    Revocation of license for a six months period.
    2nd Underage Offense:
    A civil penalty of $125 is levied
    Re-application fee of $100
    Loss of license for a period of 1 year or until 21 years of age (whichever is longer).
    Underage Refusal of BAC Test
    For 1st time refusal there will be fine upto $500 and termination of license for a 1 year period.
    Refusal for the 2nd time, civil penalty of $750 along with reapplication fee of $50, followed by loss of license for 1 year or until age 21 (whichever is longer).

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