new york city dui lawyer


I was arrested on a serious dwi case. Mike helped me every step of the way and ultimately got my case dismissed. He knows his business.



Michael is a tremendous DUI lawyer. On my second DUI Michael assisted me through the process and the Grand Jury dismissed my case.



Mike was able to get my car back and my license back before the case was resolved. Without being able to drive it would have been really tough. I highly recommend him.


The police falsely arrested me for DUI and made me take numerous breath tests which I passed. They still charged me with DUI. Michael was ablet to get my license back and my car back very quickly and ultimately my case was dismissed. He is very experienced.



Mike has a complete understanding of the criminal justice process in New York City, I have personally seen him handle tough cases very successfully. He is the guy I would call if I was ever in trouble.

-NYPD Detective